Monday, November 07, 2005

They'll just never get it

Regarding concealed carry in Missouri:
Jon Russell drove to work and punched in at the usual time for his third-shift job at Modine Manufacturing Co.

Then he pulled out a handgun and started firing at people around him. He killed three fellow employees and seriously wounded five others. Shortly after that, he turned the gun on himself, bringing the death toll that night to four.
"Modine's company policy prohibits its employees from possessing weapons anywhere on Modine's property" including its parking lots, Kelsey told legislators.

"The act before you would take away our right - and indeed the right of all private employers in Wisconsin - from enforcing what we consider to be a reasonable, common-sense policy," she said.

Under the bill as written, Modine could still prohibit concealed weapons from being brought into its buildings. But it could not prevent employees from bringing them onto Modine property in their own vehicles, Kelsey noted.

"With this bill, you take away one opportunity we believe we now have to keep our workplace safe."
And the existing law prevented the specified workplace violence in what way?

As of right now, there is a single comment following this article. The commentor stated:
It is ignorant to think that anyone with the lack of humanity, moral fiber, and common sense that would prevent them from killing in cold blood would be deterred from bringing a firearm to the workplace because a sign instructed them it was against company policy
Seems like a very logical conclusion, to me.

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