Sunday, October 07, 2007

Send Conoco a message

Conoco-Phillips "Pleased" to Have Federal Judge Disarm YOU at the War On Guns.

In the "property rights vs. civil rights" argument, I realize some people are torn. Some people think property rights trump all other rights.

They are wrong.

The ultimate right is the right to life. If the right to preserve your own life is taken from you, nothing else matters. Many libertarians say that eventually, if enough people refuse to be employed at such a workplace, the problem will work itself out. The employer will have to change his discriminatory policies to continue to exist.

In other words, if the best job you can get--or the only job in your small town--prohibits you from defending yourself, and you work there anyway, then you deserve to have your rights stripped from you.

Employers should not have legal authority to strip their employees of a fundamental right.


  1. I agree. It's sometimes a tough call when dealing with property rights. The government usually doesn't have a problem forcing their will on corporations. Maybe protecting employee rights of self defense should be on the agenda.

  2. Time was when businesses could tell you not to bring a "colored" friend of yours onto their property. Belonged to them. Damned if anyone would tell them what to do with their private property. Thankfully, that hurdle was overcome and now its on to other rights as well.