Sunday, December 30, 2007

Firearms owners are safer than ever before

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has published its Industry Intelligence Reports for 2007 (*.pdf) and news for the hoplophobes is not good. This is information that comes from the National Safety Council put into an easy-to-read-and-understand form with lots of visuals such as the above. Worth saving and printing and making a part of your information arsenal.

Teach your daughter how to handle a gun, but keep her away from cheerleading.

via Greg Perry at Lew Rockwell


  1. To put it in perspective, how many firearms were in private hands in each year? Is the reduction in accidents due to improved owner education and training, higher quality firearms & ammunition, or a reduction in firearms ownership?

  2. Well, it wouldn't be from any reduction in firearms ownership, there's more guns out there in private ownership than ever before, if you listen to the cries of the gun-grabbers. My guess would be improved owner education and training, at least among those serious about owning a firearm. The gangsta thugs are still as stupid as ever, and not exactly known for filling out a 4473 for their guns.

  3. "there's more guns out there in private ownership than ever before"

    Good to know. So that leaves education and training, and improved technology.

  4. This is probably one are where the media has done some good. By highlighting firearms related accidents, folks are reminded to properly secure their firearms.

    Jeff Cooper made firearm safety easy, just 4 basic rules. Follow the four basic rules, pay attention to a bit of firearm etiquette, secure your firearms when not in use and you are good to go.