Monday, December 31, 2007

Who really got punked?

Ha ha! So the Ronulans got punked. Ron Paul was never excluded from any debate, because the "debate" never existed. But...

There's a really big but here.

So in fact it was a hoax perpetrated by Big Head DC. But then the MSM picked it up. It was broadcast all over the news media. It was accepted as truth. Ron Paul supporters--understandably--got really upset.

But it was all a joke so everybody can laugh now.

No, the ones who really got punked are those who think this was no big deal, that it was all pretty funny, actually. And here's why.

It has shown the difference between those who want real debates, those who are interested in the freedom to voice opinons and ideas, and those who are interested only in maintaining the status quo and perpetuating the meaningless debate theater that we are subjected to every four years.

UPDATE: Oops. The punkers get punked?

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