Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2A Today for the USA

The folks at JPFO have done us all a huge service in producing a 23-minute documentary about the Second Amendment: its origins, its purposes, and its meaning. Best of all:
You have full permission to make copies for personal use, such as sending it to other individuals, blogs, websites and organizations.
A big problem that I have seen with blogging and other internet-focused means of communication is that only those who are already aware of the topic and prone to agree with you search out your topic and read what you've written. This could be a valuable tool in reaching those who simply aren't aware enough of the problem to even know which questions to ask. Fire up those DVD burners. Discs are fairly cheap. Make some copies and start spreading the word.

Download it here. Yes, it's a big download, but even I did it and I'm on dial-up. I just loaded it up in a Star Downloader and went to bed last night. When I woke up this morning, it was waiting for me on my computer. It's available in both *.wmv and *.mov formats, and both formats can be downloaded either in whole or in three parts. If you use a download manager such as Star Downloader (which is what I happen to use, but there are lots of such programs out there), JPFO's server does support resumable downloads.

Just do it.

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