Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I haven't posted any work pix in a few days because I haven't found anything that inspired me enough to take even a lousy cell-phone pic (if you really want to see pictures of the garbage-strewn streets of the west side, let me know). But here's a pic of a mascot* I picked up for a little while today on N. San Ignacio. Every time I hit the "capture" button, she looked away from me. I never could get a shot of her face.

This is a bad route. There's one dog that should be secured but never is. I actually had to put down my computer and take the hook in both hands today because that sucker wouldn't back off. A few inches closer, and I'm pretty sure I would have at least broken its jaw. I even took out the Mace and started checking the wind in case it tried to jump me from behind after I got past it. I don't carry that Halt! dog spray, because it's completely worthless. But I do carry real Mace, which is a combination pepper/tear gas, and shoots a stream rather than a spray.

*mascot: a friendly dog that follows you around for a while for no obvious reason

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