Friday, October 17, 2008


The backside of Mission San José.

A big sign near this spot says that this neighborhood was established in 1720. I've always felt the age in this area. It just feels old. Maybe it's the ancient mission looming over everything. There are two meters on either side of that wooden gate in the wall. Actually there are three, but I don't read one of them for some reason. Another one about 50 yards to the left, two more on the side, and two more in the front. I have no idea why this place needs seven meters.

This is my regular cycle 17 which is actually two routes, one of which is almost all foot and only a little motor (the one that crosses the haunted tracks); the other is mostly motor and not so much foot. This one covers long swaths of S. Presa, Roosevelt, Mission Road, S.E. Military, and E. Southcross. That whole mostly empty area around the mission is covered on this route. I was originally hired to replace the woman who had previously been doing this route; the guy who was supposed to train me and another new guy on it didn't know the motor part as well as he should have. So it took us several months to get where we could even finish it. Then one day we finished by noon and suddenly realized that we had it licked. Today we finished at about 1:00, and that was even with me driving another new guy through all the motor part so he could learn it better.

That other "new guy" who started about the same time I did quit a while back, so I've been training another new guy on it, and really training him, not just half-ass training him like I was. Once he gets it learned, we'll be back to finishing it too early and they'll probably try to stick us with extra work.

And then while we were washing the truck I accidentally did this:

That big check mark is where I accidentally blasted my own foot with a pressure washer. I'm glad these boots are worn out and I was going to replace them soon anyway. My foot is just a little sore, but no real harm was done. How did I do it? I was trying to hold a rag down with my foot while I blasted it to get most of the dirt out. Let this be a warning to be careful with those things. I'd be really ticked if this had been a new boot.

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