Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Boo freakin' hoo

My Way News - Group sues to reinstate firearms ban
The lawsuit said members of the Brady Campaign will no longer visit national parks and refuges "out of fear for their personal safety from those who will now be permitted to carry loaded and concealed weapons in such areas."
You people just need to grow up.

It's big, mean old world. Calling 911 isn't going to do anything but alert the cops that you are now dead and they have a crime to solve. There are places, like national parks, where calling 911 won't even summon them to come clean up what's left of you after it's all over, because your cell phone won't work there. There won't be anyone to clean up the mess but the ants and the buzzards. Some of us are grown up enough to handle ourselves, and if you can't take it, just go to your room, sit in the dark and sulk. The rest of us don't want you around anyway.

And in any case, just STFU.


  1. Are the Brady bunch 'fraid of cops and soldiers too? That would be the logical extension of their GFW-iness.