Friday, December 19, 2008

A day in the life

First of all, this is funny. Christmas card humor that made me LOL. Out loud.

I've been working on revising the blogroll. I'm going back to using the script from Bloglines, but I had to get things rearranged over there before I dumped the old Blogrolling script, which I'm still using at the moment. Who'd a thunk I could get tired working on a blogroll? I'm still not finished, but I had to take a pipe break, and do some blog reading before I hit the hay.

Today was somewhat trying. I was attacked by a pack of four loose street dogs on Carousel today. One was only along for the ride, and wasn't worth remembering. Another that looked like some kind of husky/chow mix mostly just wanted to bark, but there was a big red boxer and another big black & silver mutt that looked like some kind of German shepherd mix that wanted pieces of me. The black & silver one ran past as fast as he could, and snapped at me as he flew past. The boxer stood his ground for a minute until he realized that if I got close enough I was going to do my best to hurt him (the meter hook makes a good weapon), and then he ran.

Then the black & silver one came back for another pass. Man, it was like that dog was just dropping out of the sky on top of me. But on the second time I almost got him penned up against a fence and went at him. He panicked and scrambled over the fence, then ran through someone's yard and jumped their back fence into the alley. I saw them again once, but they were only lurking in the alley and didn't come out at me again.

So that's the kind of excitement I have sometimes. I was only walking the street, not going into anyone's yards. These dogs were running loose. If it had been a small child or a perhaps more feeble elderly person instead of me, it could have been very bad.

Did some Christmas shopping today when my wife called and said she hadn't really gotten a "big gift" for the kids yet. Our family usually has one "big gift" for each kid, and a few small ones. I used some of the money I've been saving up for my new radio, the purchase of which will have to be postponed for a while. I think I'm going to order a couple pounds of bulk pipe tobacco with that cash stash, too. Anyway, got a pretty cool Hot Wheels stunt set for my son and a small karaoke machine for my daughter. Now I need to snoop around and see where I can find some CD-G's. Also found a DVD of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl. This is my son's favorite movie. There is something kind of weird and mysterious about it, I must admit. And since my daughter recently professed that she likes Trans-Siberian Orchestra, I picked up one of their CDs for her. It's very tempting to pop it open and rip that sucker right now, but I guess I'll have to wait until she opens it.

And finally, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the Amazon Jazz Sampler. This one is good enough to pay for, and you can download it for free. It has a couple of tracks that are definitely country-tinged, which is very unusual (for jazz) and very nice.

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