Monday, February 09, 2009

Wrap your head around this...

Some Stimulus Facts:
But you don’t need to look at country-sized numbers to get a sense of just how much of your money Congress is talking about spending. Let’s imagine that it was your job to spend this stimulus money. If you started right now and spent a million dollars every day until you had spent the principle amount of the Stimulus Bill ($825 billion) today, you would spend your last penny on June 19, 4395. Well, you wouldn’t. Your descendants 82 generations from now would finish the job you started.

I’ll bring it even closer to home. If someone had started spending a million dollars a day starting on January 1, 1 AD, they would still have over $138 billion dollars left and a little over 380 more years to go.
And yeah, this is the kind of money--your money and my money--that our blessed leaders are throwing around with hardly a second thought.

via Billy Beck


  1. Stunning. Truly stunning.

    P.S: Remember Brewster's Millions? Of course, that was funny. This stimulus isn't.

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