Thursday, March 11, 2010


So I ran into a "disgruntled" customer today who was angry that it was so hard for him to use the water cutoff. He had to use the company cutoff because the leak was between it and his customer cutoff. The company cutoff is this weird 5-sided thing that you need a special wrench for. So it went like this.

Me: "Oh, yeah, you need a special 5-sided wrench for that."

Him: "He [his plumber] had one! But he had to stick copper shims all around it so he could get a bite."

"He had to stick copper shims in it?"


" was the wrong size...too big."

"NO! It was the right size! Your cutoff is too small!!!"

I wasn't about to argue with that kind of logic, so I just gave him my standard "I understand, sir, but I'm not authorized to do anything with hardware, call [number redacted] and they should help you."

In other unrelated news, Corey Haim is dead. The Lost Boys is still one of my favorite movies. I also like Silver Bullet.

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