Friday, May 14, 2010

Seriously dangerous weather today

Well, I didn't get the route I expected. This time I skipped it and went straight to cycle 12--a combination motor/foot route. When the storm finally hit, it was so ferocious that we had to stop working. I picked up the guy on foot, we went to an Exxon and got some food & drink, called in and told the boss the rain was too heavy and the lightning too close for us to work, and sat there for about an hour. It seemed to be slacking off so we went back to where he had left off, and just as I was about to leave him there, it started again. So we parked on the street and sat there another 30 minutes, I called in again and said we still hadn't been able to do anything, we sat there about another 30 minutes and they told us to just come in. My immediate supervisor doesn't have the authority to call us in. Neither does her boss. It takes her boss's boss--the head honcho of customer service--to call us in. Fortunately he was a meter reader many years ago so it sometimes works in our favor.

So we actually worked about 3 hours and sat in the truck for 2 hours. We heard a tornado touched down somewhere along 1604 to the north of us. We were in the Nacogdoches/Thousand Oaks area.

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  1. You were not too far from me, then. This has been a crazy weather day even by San Antonio standards, hasn't it? I-35S is closed where it's the lower level (or it was earlier), and there was a house out on the northwest side of town that burned after being struck by lightning. Nothing too bad in the neighborhood, thankfully.