Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night Video: John Hartford - "Gentle On My Mind"

Been working on ripping an old sampler LP from RCA called Fantastic Country Vol 1. It's one of those old samplers that my mother-in-law seemed to collect on which many (half or so) of the songs are famous songs but these versions are not sung by the ones who made them famous. For example, "Folsom Prison Blues" by Bobby Bare instead of Johnny Cash. Others are by the ones who made them famous, for example "Ringo" by Lorne Greene. (P.S. Would anyone else ever want to do this "song"?) Anyhow, my musical knowledge has increased slightly by cluing me in to the original version of one of my favorite songs, "Gentle On My Mind," which was a big hit for Glen Campbell. The version on this record is the original studio version by the song's writer, John Hartford. Here's a video of Hartford performing the song live with nothing but a banjo and accompanying himself on rhythm by clogging, or shuffle-tapping on an amplified piece of plywood.

This version sounds like it's pitched a step or so higher than the studio version on my record.

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