Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Also that's Potsie in the corner, eating fries in eternity

click to enlarge (in case the small version isn't sanity-blasting enough)

Witness Jimmy Milligan and Betty Sue Olsen. Just two kids looking for a night of fun, a night of dancing, in a place new and exciting. They took a road they had never been on before, to a little place that serves burgers and malteds all night long and the jukebox is always free. It's a friendly little place not far away and just inside...the Twilight Zone.

See his mouth drawn back in a rictus of unspeakable horror. See her blank gaze, struck numb with a terror from which there is no relief nor recovery.

This is another inherited record. Back in the ye olden days certain record companies would record a bunch of moderate hits using unnamed studio musicians and release records like this. So no, you're not going to get "Another Saturday Night" by Sam Cooke or "My Heart is an Open Book" by Carl Dobkins, Jr. You're going to get a bunch of lame covers by a group of perfectly adequate studio musicians who did the dirty work and never got credit for it.

Just in case you missed it in the big version above, here is a cut-out to highlight what someone once wrote on the cover.

Other than the minor scratches that come with a record of this age that hasn't been well cared for, there is nothing physically wrong with it. So I can only speculate on what the person who wrote that meant.

If that cover art isn't a picture of two lost souls suffering eternal damnation in their own special kind of hell, then I don't know what it is.


  1. Photographer: Look happy. Look like you're enjoying it.

    Boy model: How do I do that? This music is lame.

    Girl model: Yeah. Oom dooby doom, I say.

    Photographer: Just open your mouth and stare into the distance. That'll make you look like you're having fun. [Aside] Sheesh. I guess I'll have to settle for catatonia. [To girl model] You, baby, don't worry about what he's doing. You look at me. Yeah, that's it. Now open your mouth. Now you're having fun.

    Girl model: Oom dooby doom!

  2. So this is really the beginning of a pr0n flick?

  3. It is rock and roll, isn't it?