Friday, July 02, 2010

Inconsequential trivia

Did you know that some CDs are encoded with additional "breaks" within tracks? Long ago I had CD player that, like all other players, displayed the "track" number. However, it also displayed a small Roman numeral to show which section of the track was being played, but only on certain CDs. At that time, in my collection I had Beethoven's complete symphonies and a couple of other classical CDs, and these extra breaks were displayed to show which section of a symphonic movement was being played. The only non-classical CD I had at that time that displayed these extra breaks was 2112 by Rush.

I don't have that player anymore and no other player I've had since then had the ability to display these internal track breaks, so I don't know if any CDs I've acquired since then have this. Anyway upon recently re-ripping 2112 for encoding at a higher bit rate, I ripped "side 1" to wavs and manually broke it into its separate internal breaks before encoding to mp3 so when I'm listening to my Rush collection on shuffle play it doesn't play the whole thing at once. Which I think is cool.

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  1. Those are index numbers. They used to do that with older CDs, but not anymore. My Aerosmith Pump CD (as well as a few classical CDs) has indexed tracks, but my CD player won't recognize them.