Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I hope you're happy, Chet

Today I was on a regular motor route that takes two people about two hours (we did some other stuff also). Since the other guy was driving, he got to pick the radio station (which is proper car radio etiquette, you know). He used to always listen to frikkin Jim Rome but for some reason no longer the way I always found Rome's shows highly amusing because pro sports means less than a rat's ass to me...lately my partner has been usually ending up on some rock station or the other, but today it was KJ97 all the way.

Now, I realize that "country" music has been going downhill in the past several (many) years because of pop/rock invading it. However, I didn't realize it was this bad. It seemed that they played one token country song per hour--I was so surprised to hear "Family Tradition" that for a minute I thought he had switched to KKYX, but no, it was still KJ97--although sometimes the token country song was really more of a token "country" song. The rest of the time it was just plain ol' straight up rock music. No finer examples of the typical rock song could be heard anywhere. There was even one song in which the female singer (I think it was female) went into what can only be accurately described as hip-hop for about 10 seconds--by searching for what I guessed was the title I found that it was Sugarland, who I had never heard before but now I understand first hand that they suck (and their fans are stupid). Hint: country music does not have power chords or autotune.

It's no wonder so many country music listeners are so cheesed off. Some of you realize that that stuff being passed off as country most certainly isn't, and the rest of you are so musically ignorant you don't know what the $#@! it is you're listening to. It's like someone made up a bunch of chocolate ice cream and started passing it off as vanilla, and almost everyone believed it.

Look, if you enjoy listening to it, that's fine. No problem. Just don't try to delude yourselves into thinking you have some superior level of integrity or plain-old-folksiness because you're calling it something it isn't. You poor hoodwinked dupes.


  1. Sadly, as soon as you said "female singer went into hip hop for 10 seconds", I knew it had to be Sugarland. Now you understand my loathing of that band in particular and KJ97 in general. They're seriously why I hardly eat in Bill Miller's anymore.

  2. The CW scene has been taken over by cowpop; I haven't listened to the radio in years, preferring to listen to my own cd's,

  3. Ah, but that's the thing. It's not just cowpop now. It's flat-out, no-holds-barred rock.

  4. But not good rock. That's what gets to me the most, I think. It's not decent country music, it's not decent rock's stale pop in the style of several years ago.