Sunday, October 31, 2010

Obligatory Halloween post

Some people have a resolution to make at least one post per day. There was a time when I couldn't have restricted myself to such low output. These days I can barely force out one per week, it seems.

Last week seemed quite hectic. Even the days when I thought I could slack off after work, something always happened to cut into my downtime. So I'm behind where I wanted to be in my music stuff, but I did manage to go through several tracks today, fortunately.

We had a great Halloween festival sponsored by our church last night (I should add great, as usual). My daughter had been invited by a friend to go to another tonight, and wife was working, so only my son and I went to church services tonight, but we hit the streets afterward and he still got a good haul. I scored myself during the cakewalk at the festival last night--I won a platter of white chocolate chip cookie bars, which is probably what I would have selected if I had been allowed to choose it myself anyway. By the way, someone at our congregation has been making these things called "cookie cakes" which I have tried and they are just about the best baked confection I have ever eaten. It's like a huge single cookie but covered with cake frosting. Yow.

For the record this year my daughter was an Egyptian princess (don't know where she came up with that), and my son was Batman. This time he had one of those costumes with the false muscles, which he liked but it made him sweat a lot.

My friend Brer at PowerOfBabel has been posting a series on witches (in pop culture and folklore) this week which I have enjoyed, so click on over and check it out if you have the inclination. Another friend (and Brer's brother) Babel has created a nice slide show for Halloween, you can visit his blog The Absurd Good News Network to check it out.

And finally, a few Halloween-themed links from the folks at Cracked.

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  1. I loved that sexy Halloween costume article! Cindy Brady!?! What the hell were thinking?!