Friday, February 18, 2011

The dewy, dewy fog

More pix I took Wednesday morning, once again from the Alamodome/Sunset Station route. This and the following were taken from that building with the big parking lot just before you get to the tracks on Commerce St.

This last one was taken as I was coming around the south end of the restaurant strip from behind the buildings where the tracks are; that is, on Hoefgen St. The Tower disappearing into the mist.

Hoefgen is another of those obscure streets of which I would be completely unaware if I didn't have to read meters there.


  1. Interesting. When thinking about San Antonio, the idea of pea-soup type fog doesn't usually come to mind.

  2. It was amazingly thick here this morning as I drove to work in the dark. Made me a little anxious on the highway, slowed it down to 45-50 most of the way, for lack of visibility.

  3. The worst fog I ever saw was in California, when I literally could not see past the end of the hood.