Saturday, February 19, 2011


The Grand Funk album appears to be in quite good condition. I've been working on it a little today. But I think in the interest of obsession completeness I'm going to have to scan the inner sleeves. It's such a fascinating collection of newspaper clippings that show where they were at in 1972.

This double album was also originally released with an 18x24 poster, and guess's still intact. I mean, it's like someone bought this album, peeled off the shrink wrap, and forgot about it.

The only other thing I'll say about it right now is that it was never released to CD, used vinyl of it is available at Amazon for as little as $1.79, but I don't think any of them include the poster.

I have several other albums in progress, a few of them are in bad shape and are quite hard to clean up, so I haven't been working on them too hard. However, two good ones that shouldn't take too long that are now in progress are Ultravox's Lament and the self-titled Bourgeois Tagg album. It appears that that last one is now out of print.

I have also slightly improved my technique of scanning & stitching album covers, and the last few have looked a lot more "seamless" than previous attempts.

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