Wednesday, April 13, 2011

States I've visited meme

visited 37 states (74%)
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Saw this meme at A Trainwreck in Maxwell. I know I did this once before, a long time ago, but I think the site it was hosted on then has gone kaput since then. These are all the states I hit while truck driving. Never managed South Dakota somehow. I once drove all the way across Nebraska without setting foot on the ground in one long shot, although I did stop there a few other times. Also add British Columbia and Alberta. The one time I went through North Dakota it was 20 below. The coldest cold I have ever experienced, and hope never to experience again.

I liked those big western states, except for Kalifornia, which sucks for out-of-state truck drivers. The only part of Cali I liked was the big open mountainous deserts between L.A. and Arizona.


  1. The only part of California I liked was driving into Arizona.

  2. Very impressive. My map is a track from TX to CT and then from CT to VA and VA back to TX (which is almost the same as CT to TX, with only the addition of driving through a bit of NC). And then Hawaii, just for funsies. I've only ever been to LAX in Cali, and as that was on my way to Hawaii, I loved it!

  3. California was the only state I went into that has a border check point. They like to pretend that they're their own country. Also they hate out-of-state trucks. Their attitude is: we don't want you here, and we're going to make your life miserable until you get out.

    Also the parts of L.A. I had to go into always smelled like dead fish. It was the most revolting city I ever visited.

  4. Haven't been to California in years; can't think of a good enough reason to go.
    On the other hand, they come here to Utah in packs, and do nothing but complain and try to Caliform the place as soon as they get here. Too many of them have the attitude of someone who thinks they are better, but has to associate with "locals" and hicks.