Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An update

Anyone remember this old post?

I got there today and found this:

Someone went in there, cleaned out a bunch of the brush, moved the meters out to within 6 feet or so of the road, and put them in actual boxes! Of course, they left that plastic one on the right with the lid screwed down and my truck (of course) didn't have the proper wrench to unscrew it, so I couldn't read it. I'll get it next month. Maybe. I guess I can remove the "HAZARD!!!" warning from the Roadrunner now.

The bolt on those plastic lids has a special extra-weird pentagonal head, instead of like most bolt heads that are hexagonal. All the company trucks were, at one time, equipped with such a wrench, but I have too many cow-orkers who are thieves, and nothing stays in the trucks for long.

In related news, the new trucks are coming in. Beginning next Tuesday I'll have my own permanent company truck that only I will use, and I should be much better able to control the equipment I need to do my job.

The new truck will be a 4-cylinder Ranger. Tilt steering wheel, cruise control, a/c and radio that haven't been broken by some dumb**** because "it's only a company truck." The downside to this is that I won't be getting a gas allowance anymore, which was big enough that it not only covered the gas I used for my POV* while working, but also covered all my commuting fuel. So I'll effectively be getting a pay cut.

*I learned this abbreviation just today. It means "Personal Occupancy Vehicle." Corporate-speak.

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  1. Wow. I'm glad someone cleaned that up for you guys. That was a real spooky spot for a guy to have to do his job.