Monday, August 15, 2011

Cycle 15

The regular cycle 15 route. All the red stuff I do by walking; the blue ones I drive to. 326 meters. All the walking takes 3 hours, the driving stuff takes another 15 minutes. That big spot nearest the Alamodome has an urban legend attached to it. Allegedly, many years ago when this was still Alamo Iron Works, a meter reader found a very large snake in there--assumed to be someone's escaped pet python. I've heard the story, but have had no independent verification of its veracity.

Anyway, this route requires some learning before it can be done so quickly because of the odd placement of the meters, but now that I have it all learned it's one of my easiest routes.

All the routes in this area are what we call "messed up." If you get stuck with an unfamiliar one, you're screwed. This first time I did this one, it took me over 5 hours. I do it now without even thinking about it.

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