Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pretty slick

May not be of great use to most people I know personally, but it's a good idea for lighting up dark corners of a barn or storage shed.

Of course it could be vitally important information someday, no matter where you live.


  1. Reminds me of those glass block skylights for basement offices you can see in downtown sidewalks (at least in San Antonio; I assume other cities have them as well). Also, I understand ship builders used similar technology with quartz crystals (or something similar) in old sailing ships.

  2. And here, I posted this, which is a picture I took a few years ago of the sidewalk skylights (though I'm not sure if that is the true term for them).

  3. That is pretty damned clever, and sickeningly cheap too! Reusing the idea for deck prisms, and from my experience in Galveston on Elissa, they work with moonlight too, tho not as bright, obviously.