Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stuff & snakes

I started writing up another pointless post yesterday but I got interrupted and although the draft auto-saved, I didn't finish it. So...


I was thinking about mapping my cycle 6 route today but I started looking at the maps and decided it was too much work. That's a weird route. It starts near West Ave. on the south side of Loop 410 and meanders around all over the place, finally ending up where Booby Rocks was supposed to be up IH10 near Huebner. It was a nightmare until I got it completely learned, but now I kind of like it even though the traffic is bad in spots.

My new phone would have been delivered today except the FedEx guy got here during the short period that no one was home to sign for it. I was really looking forward to getting it so I could load it up with mp3s and listen to it tomorrow while working. Oh well, I should get it tomorrow.

Our refrigerator has screwed up and they're saying that it could possibly be one of three different problems, the most expensive of which will be $300 plus tax. I'm hoping for one of the cheaper problems but with my luck I'm not expecting it. It's still under warranty, but we have to pay the bill first and then fight it out with the warranty company. I have a naturally pessimistic nature, so we'll see how that goes.

Other than that, the heat has been getting me down lately and I haven't done much while home except drink cold drinks and watch stuff on Netflix, mostly ST:Voyager. I have come to one conclusion: I really can't stand Captain Janeway. That one episode when she did a full-on mouth kiss with some alien dude had me squirming at the thought of kissing her like that. Ick.

We saw a good-sized rat snake in our driveway recently. The kids both got a good, long look at it because we approached it quietly and didn't scare it. It just laid there while we looked at it for several minutes. I didn't get a picture, but it was over 6 feet long. And on the topic of snakes, our dog cornered a small copperhead (a foot long or so) several days ago also, waking me up about 5:00 AM on a Sunday morning if I recall correctly. Copperheads don't get very big around here. The longest one I personally ever killed and measured was 28 inches long, which is considered "freakin' huge" around here.


And now to continue, my phone did come in today but unfortunately it has a special proprietary USB plug so I have to get a cable from Verizon. I can probably get a generic one somewhere, but I prefer OEM when it comes to things like this.

The refrigerator problem turned to NOT be the most expensive potential problem, and the bill came to about $150.

The heat is just killing me. Today was pretty bad. Finished off my CamelBak and almost all my water & gatorade in my ice chest. I'm glad this should be the last bad month. Usually the heat slacks off enough in September that things get much easier. Tomorrow I'll be driving the whole time, so it shouldn't be so bad.

I'm now up to the Psychedelic Furs in my general favorites playlist. I think when I'm finished with this, I'm going back through the list and pick out all the albums that have more than half their songs in my playlist. One of them is the Furs' Midnight to Midnight. I was going to embed a video of their song "Angels Don't Cry" from that album, but I couldn't find one that allowed embedding. So here's the link to one that's kind of a goofy video for a really cool sad song. The Furs have used saxophones quite a lot throughout their career, even in the early years when they were much more of a punk group than they later were.

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  1. I didn't care much for Janeway either. She's pretty much the reason why I gave up on Voyager.

    I always thought Chakotay should have taken over command of the ship.