Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Denny Brooks - "San Antone"

Occasionally the topic comes up of "songs about San Antonio." And there are quite a few. Here's one that most people have never heard, or even heard of. I wish I could get a better quality recording of it, but it looks like this is the only one to be heard on the whole internet.

"San Antone" was written by Barry De Vorzon and sung by Denny Brooks. De Vorzon has written lots of pop and country songs as well as soundtracks. He even wrote the soundtrack for one of the greatest movies of all time: Night of the Creeps. Brooks was one of John Denver's backup musicians and recorded some stuff on his own but never achieved much fame.

This song was part of the soundtrack to Rolling Thunder (1977), which was partly filmed in San Antonio and which I've never seen, and then again was used in the opening scene of The Ninth Configuration (1980), which I have seen and is why I know about it.

This video includes the full song, only part of which is used in The Ninth Configuration, and some edited scenes from the movie.

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