Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend update (a day late)

I don't usually go so long without posting something, but it's been a hard past several days at work, even though the heat has finally started slacking off. One of the bigwigs came up with a cunning plan that was supposed to eliminate overtime and reduce workload. Several people tried to tell him that it would actually guarantee overtime and increase workload, but since he's a bigwig no one can tell him he's wrong (they can, but it just bounces off).

He had another cunning plan for a new employee grading system for evaluating annual performance, however it so far has failed to make sense and one of his underlings (one of my overlings), screwed up and let a couple of us Excel nerds look at it. How's this: you put in a bunch of numbers to calculate employee performance and then at year's pulls a bunch of other numbers from somewhere else entirely that have nothing to do with the numbers you've been entering all year.


So now he's been informed that this is also wrong, but I don't expect that to have any effect, either. The true purpose of this new system, as far as I can tell, is to make everyone look exactly the same so they neither have to discipline nor reward anyone.

I have continued adding songs to my big general favorites playlist and am now up to Suzanne Vega. It looks like I'm closing in on the end, but I have a lot of "various artists" to go through. When I got to the Smithereens last week, I had to look this one up again. This is one of my favorite albums.

With all the over-produced junk that came from the 80s, this album really stood out. Singer (who also sometimes played guitar), guitar, bass and drums. Well, if I recall correctly there was also one song that had a Rhodes piano.

This just turned up on the list. One of my favorite Suzanne Vega songs.

I loaded some of the Amazon samplers that I haven't heard up onto the Fuze, and here's a song that I thought was amusing. The video is good, too. I don't know if they're saying that bad music causes zombies, or that zombies like bad music.

And finally, here's a video clip that isn't music but I came across it and I liked it so I'll include it here. Embedding is disabled so you'll have to click the link: Ol' Squinty-Eyes shows you how to light a pipe.

P.S. Well d***, Vivo. You just can't stand to let any of your artists have free publicity, can you? None of these videos work here. You'll have to click through to view them.

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  1. The three videos showed up for me just fine. that third vid is kinda cool, an homage to that very first vid shown on MTV, all those years ago. o.O Maybe you should suggest that for your zombiepocolypse last stand song over at Tam's place. ;)