Friday, October 14, 2011


Chances are, if you seen many lists of odd album covers, you've seen this one. I must say that this cover art has always been strangely compelling--or perhaps compellingly strange--to me. For one thing, I thought the dude was a woman.

Interesting article at Mental Floss about The True Stories Behind 10 Bad Album Covers. Good ol' Heinz Georg Kramm is the last, but certainly not the least, on the list. He's wildly famous and popular with 50 million albums sales to his credit. And he's still performing today.

The funny lumberjack. Or maybe the happy lumberjack. One of those.


  1. Oh, it's "Beasley". I just did an image search to compare and contrast-yowtch!

  2. Holy cow. I had no idea to what you were referring until I image-searched Beasley. It had never even occurred to me. I'll be having nightmares tonight!