Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend update

This past Thursday, at my place of employment, everyone there had to gather in the conference room to watch an instructional video on harassment of various kinds. Before the video ran, the boss told us that a lot of it was going to seem funny, but it was really serious.

Apparently the desk drone who picked out this video had no sense of humor, and when they began showing it to the employees and everyone started laughing, they realized they had picked the wrong video. But by then they had already bought the rights to show it, and it was too late. Or something.

It was funny enough to be on a comedy skit show, if there were any comedy skit shows left that were still funny. My personal favorite part was when some white guy started ragging on an Arabic-looking guy for liking camel racing over baseball. Now I'm going to be asking everyone if they've seen any good camel races lately.

After it was over and we were standing in line waiting for our assignments, I told some of my co-workers, "I guess I shouldn't tell the joke about the Jew, the Mexican and the Iraqi who took a dumb blonde to a gay bar."

Netflix finally got--a couple of weeks ago--ST:DS9 available for streaming, and I have been watching and enjoying it. I didn't follow it well when it was on, only starting to watch it toward the end, so there are a lot of shows I have never seen before. In my opinion, this is the best of all the latter-day ST iterations. The characters are much more multi-faceted and internally conflicted, and there is a lot of humor in it, especially between Quark and Odo. I also like how it shows that a lot of peoples outside of the beloved Federation don't have a very high opinion of the Federation and sometimes even have outright contempt and/or hostility toward it--often somewhat justified.

I received a notice from my internet service this past week that all customers are being bumped one tier up in their service level, although the monthly fee will remain the same. To me, this means that my speed has doubled, and I actually noticed it before I received the official notice. I haven't had any problems streaming videos for a couple of weeks now. I don't know why they did this.

I have been considering trying an audio blog (I don't want to go so far as to call it a podcast). To my knowledge, Blogger doesn't allow any audio uploads. However, Tumblr does, and I created an account over there to play around with some time ago, just to see how it works. I'm still working out technical details on actually creating an audio blog. So far it looks like editing one will take a lot of time, and that's after actually recording it. Or I might just create an audio-only "video" to upload to my YouTube channel. We'll see.

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