Monday, April 02, 2012

Well, that was...unexpected

Got home today to find a message on the answering machine.  It was my wife, who said, "I left the Avon order on your computer--it has to go in today.  Also, could you download me some Freddy Fender songs and burn them to a CD?"

Yes.  Yes I could.  I suddenly realized that I need some Freddy Fender on my playlist, too.

My daughter has been saving all of her Christmas and birthday money for a long time now, and actually got a job during spring break with a cousin of my wife's, which got her more money.  She was able to order for herself a used iPod Touch, and she is becoming increasingly anxious for its arrival.  She's going to be gone Friday and Saturday for a church function, so I told her, "If it comes on Friday when you're gone, don't worry, I'll be sure and play with it for you Friday night."

I walked 6.96 miles today.  Overall average speed only 1.8 mph.  Lots of dirty meters.

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