Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello, Kalispell!

I got a visit today from Kalispell, Montana. I've actually been there. We had some friends who lived there many years ago, and we spent a couple weeks with them for vacation one summer. Beautiful country. I think if I ever left Texas, Montana is where I'd go. Except I don't know if I could learn to tolerate the winters.

I also made the longest Frisbee throw of my life there. We climbed up on top of a hill behind their house, and with a very strong wind hitting me in the back, I hurled that sucker down the hill. Between the wind and the downgrade, it traveled about 200 yards and whacked into the back of their house. Sweet memories.

ON SECOND THOUGHT: Kalispell was a town we visited for one day while we were there. I think it must have been church-related. Our friends lived in Lewiston. Still, fond memories.

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