Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shrouded in the mists

I tried a couple of shots yesterday but the lighting was bad (that is, I used the lighting improperly) and nothing turned out very good. But I thought this one from today was passable. This is from the top end of Galleria Drive at 8:26 this morning, looking NNE into Camp Bullis. There was a mist lying in the hollows and low places this morning that made it quite scenic. There is some great scenery in this area, but it hurts my soul to see what they're doing to the hill country.

It was only recently that I realized they don't let you go in there unless you have a good reason. You can't just go in and drive around to look at all the huge houses. A few famous people live in there, but the really rich ones have their own gated streets inside this huge gated subdivision. Oh yeah, I read George Strait's water meters again today. You can't see his house from the street, though.

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